Take This Vitamin to Repel Mosquitoes

When thinking about summer and the beautiful things that come with it, such as sandy beaches and longer days, we cannot exclude the mosquitoes which are also an inevitable part of it.Given the fact that mosquito repellent is present on the market since 1956, this is not a big problem for most people. However, there […]

Homemade Shampoo That Will Help Your Hair Grow Like Crazy

This article presents a simple homemade shampoo which significantly improves hair`s quality by stimulating its growth, promoting volume, and restoring its health. The shampoo itself is very easy to prepare and the results are guaranteed! After a few uses, the hair will become much stronger and shinier. Within a few months, you will get healthy, […]

Recognize a Heart Attack Before it Happens

Even though most of us are familiar with the signs of a heart attack when it happens, including abnormal pulse or breathing, unconsciousness, and discomfort in the chest, there are symptoms which can appear even up to a month before the heart attack. Keep reading and learn more about these signs which can help you […]

32 Signs That You Need Magnesium

Earlier, it has been much simpler to get the recommended dosage of magnesium on a daily basis. In fact, the consumption of produce was enough to supply you with the magnesium you needed. Unlike today, magnesium was prevalent in the soil years ago. The erosion and modern farming practices take their toll, leaving tiny amounts […]

Simple Vaginal Hygiene Rules that Every Girl Must Know

1. Wipe from Front to Rear You should always wipe with plain, unscented toilet paper in the front-back direction. This is very important as it prevents the fecal matter from entering the vagina and causing infections. 2. Avoid Soaps and Hygiene Washes Given the fact that the vagina is very sensitive, the chemicals contained in […]