How To Quit Smoking Using 3 Drops Of Stevia

Quit smoking is definitely not an easy thing to do. Most people who succeed in that would agree that this was the best thing they have done in life. After quitting, your blood pressure and heart rate will normalize, and also coughing will reduce. Many people had pitfalls in quitting cigarettes. As benefits come, also […]

Top 10 home remedies for gas pain in toddlers

Some causes of gas in toddlers include use of antibiotic medications, lactose intolerance, eating foods that increase flatulence, not chewing food thoroughly, swallowing large amounts of air while eating or drinking and not drinking enough water. Immature digestive tract that results in rapid movement of the food through the digestive tract, not allowing adequate time […]

IF You have Cold Feet, try this !!!!!

As the reasons for cold feet differ from person to person, consult a doctor for proper diagnosis if you have this problem frequently. In the meantime, you can try some simple and effective home remedies for relief. 1. Warm Oil Massage Massaging your feet is a simple and therapeutic way to restore warmth. It stimulates […]

Top 10 home remedies for pilonidal cysts

The cysts develop as a reaction to ingrown hairs or hairs embedded in the skin. However, once infected, the depression becomes a swollen mass. It can be a closed sac filled with fluid or an abscess where pus collects. Other signs and symptoms include pain and discomfort when sitting or standing, inflamed skin, drainage of […]

How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair Growth?

There are many ways in which you can use coconut oil for hair growth, we have listed the five most efficient ways on how to use coconut oil for hair loss and promote hair growth. 1. Deep Conditioning With Coconut Oil You Will Need • 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil • A comb • A […]

5 Simple Exercises To Tighten Your Loose Arm

Push up Begin with a push –up position, on your toes, line up the body with the head, with the hand under the shoulders. Bend the elbows, closer to the floor and bend them again backwards at 90 degrees. All the time keep your body straight, and you should extend the arms completely when pressed […]