Check Out Your Booty To Know How Healthy You Are!

People spend so much time sitting. They have limited their time for walking at minimum and that is definitely affecting their health. The lack of walking and all that sitting time have contributed to different transformations of one of our prime assets-our butts.
But not every butt is alike, and every one comes with its own problems and perks.
So read this article, find out what type of booty you have and do something to bring it back!

Squared off
The square shaped bum comes from two reasons: high hip bones or an extra fat in the waist area. This can make you look flat or often called “masculine-looking”. Unfortunately, this shape requires a lot of time and squats to get the coveted round look.

Round “O” butt
The “o”-shaped or round bum means that there is more fat accumulation in the upper parts of the glutes.
Luckily, this gives your bum a perkier appearance, and it’s pretty easy to shape it with a few exercises for strengthening the glutes.

Heart-shaped bum
The heart-shaped bum is considered as the most attractive butt shape by most of the people. It is fuller at the bottom and gradually tightens to the top. This could mean that more fat is stored in the area of the upper thighs. Women with this shape of butt have a smaller waistline. This bum shape is easier to enhance but, as women age and estrogen is low, the fat that’s around the glutes slowly moves to the middle area.

“V” shaped butt
This shape has its fullness at the top of the butt and at the hips. It is commonly seen in older women when they start losing estrogen. Alike as the heart shape, the fat that used to be in the butt has moved to the mid-section or abdomen. Without hard and regular exercising, this butt can be prone to sagging.

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