Flush Nicotine Out Of Your Body With These Powerful Superfoods

We all know how smoking is damaging to our health. And even though we are all aware of that, sometimes it is really difficult to stop this habit. Nicotine may increase blood pressure and cause serious harm to the lungs. Therefore, it is of great importance to flush nicotine out of your body, because even if you quit smoking, the nicotine effect in your body may last for long.
Healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices can help you get rid of nicotine in the body.

Below is the list of some of the most efficient foods to eliminate the nicotine from the body:


Orange juice contains high amount of vitamin C, which is very important for all smokers. Regular consumption of this fruit will relieve you from stress and boost your metabolism.


It is rich in B5 and vitamin C. Smoking reduces the vitamin C levels in the body. Consuming more broccoli will help remove the nicotine from your body.

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is proven to be efficient in eliminating the nicotine from the organism due to its richness in vitamins C, A, B and K.
It is also good for the skin, knowing that nicotine damages the skin.


Spinach is high in vitamins, iron and folic acid and is among the healthiest vegetables.

Kiwi Fruit

This tasty fruit will help you remove the nicotine of your system. Kiwi is a great source of vitamins C, A, and E, which became reduced in smokers.


Smoking causes dehydration. According to some researches, drinking plenty of water can help you stop smoking and remove the nicotine from your organism.

Another great way to eliminate nicotine of your system is by using some herbs. Herbs like valerian root, ginger, lobelia, and catnip can help you eliminate this unpleasant substance for very quick time.
The sooner you flush nicotine out from your body the sooner you’ll start to feel the difference.

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