How to Clear a Stuffy Nose in One Minute

It’s not so comfortable to have a blocked nose for a longer period of time. You can’t breathe normally and sleeping can be an annoying experience and you can only think of how to unblock your stuffy nose rapidly.
In order to heal nasal congestion, most people will reach for some nasal sprays which can be found in every health store. But, you should be aware of the chemical substances they contain and for the side effects they usually bring.

Of course it is much better to choose some natural approach, which in many cases can be more effective. The technique that we are presenting in this article is developed by Russian doctors and is a simple breathing exercise that will help you get rid of nasal congestion or clear a stuffy nose in one minute.

Here are the instructions:
• Tightly press your congested nose and start walking fast with your nose pinched and at the same time your mouth should be closed all the time. You will probably be able to make 25-30 steps.
• You should try holding your breath as much as you can. Then sit down to straighten your spine and focus on your breathing.
• After you let go your nose, proceed with your usual breathing with small breaths, keeping the mouth closed. So, instead of taking a deep breath, take a shorter inhale and when exhaling relax all muscles, particularly the upper chest muscles.
• Take another small inhale and then relax. With every inhalation, practice this shallow or reduced breathing while remaining relaxed.
• Your breathing can be frequent in the time of this shortened breathing, but that is OK.

This might seem silly and maybe too simple to unblock a stuffy nose, but it sure works.
Once you have unblocked the nose, it is important to continue breathing only through your nose.

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