Reduce Stress & Boost Metabolism with A Simple Foot Massage


In case that you don’t know there are thousands of nerve endings in your feet. Can you believe that by massaging some points on your feet you will not only feel more relaxed, but it will also improve your entire body functioning. Pressing certain points will, connect you with your thyroid, hypothalamus and other organs.
Perform this massage every night before bedtime and enjoy yourself. Just use your index finger and your big finger and press on the determined point. This is an interesting treatment that will bring you joy and serenity.


Here are the parts of the foot linked with different organs of our body:

  • Massage your big toe if you have an issue with overweight. Pressing this point can help control your appetite.
    • For hormonal imbalance (pituitary gland) massage the center of your large thumb.
    • The bottom of your big toe is equivalent to the thyroid gland. Massaging this point will regulate your metabolism.
    • Massaging foot center will bring you relief from tension and stress.
    • Massage near inner edge of the foot will lift your energy levels and stimulate to burn more calories.
    • Massaging the inner point that is closer to the heel, will activate the excretory system and remove excess fluids from the body.
    • Massage near bottom of the foot (intestines and colon) will stimulate elimination and also relieve bloating.

Practicing this treatment every night will give you such a pleasure that you will not want to skip even for one day.

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