Signs That You Are Gaining Weight Due To Your Thyroid Disorder


The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck that can have a powerful impact on an enormous variety of the body’s functions. Especially, if you’re a female over 35 then you are at higher risk of a thyroid disorder.
Almost 30 million Americans suffer from thyroid disorder and 15 million of them are silent sufferers without diagnose, according to The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

Your thyroid has a crucial job in your body. It releases hormones responsible for your energy level and keeping a healthy skin. It also plays an essential role in the body’s metabolism. When these hormones aren’t produced enough, it can affect how you look and feel. This condition is called “hypothyroid” and it makes you depressed, tired and cause weight gain as well.

These are some signs telling your thyroid isn’t working right:
1. You feel tired and exhausted with no particular reason
2. Not showing success in trying to lose weight despite all the diet changes.
3. A feeling of discomfort and swelling in the neck.
4. Feeling unusually depressed or having a sudden panic or anxiety attacks.
5. You are feeling all fluttery like your heart is skipping a beat or two.
6. Unusually low or high levels of cholesterol.
7. Higher blood pressure.
8. Your skin may be dry.
9. Gaining weight without any changes in your diet.
10. Having problems of getting pregnant.

Thyroid disorder tends to run in families. Also, as you get older you are at higher risk and if you are a woman you are more likely to have thyroid disease.
And, if you already have other health disorder, like type 1 diabetes, you are also at greater risk of developing a thyroid disorder.

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