Why You Should Eat An Entire Avocado Every Day

Avocado is one really amazing fruit. It’s bursting with nutrients and gives us a myriad of health benefits.
Below are all the benefits of avocado.
After reading this you won’t miss an avocado a day.

Nutrient Rich
Avocados are a rich source of nutrients, and nearly 20 minerals and vitamins. One avocado actually contains:
26% Vitamin B6
33% Vitamin C
21% Vitamin E
53% Vitamin K
19% Copper
41% Folate
28% Potassium
28% Pantothenic Acid

A Source of Good Fats
Although the avocado is full of fat, those are “good fats” that can lower levels of bad cholesterol and that way lower the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Manage Your Weight
Maybe you didn’t know, but eating avocado can help you lose weight.
The Nutritional Journal published a study, that shows eating a half an avocado with your lunch can make you feel full for longer.
Participants reported a 28% less desire for a snack 5 hours after the meal, and a 40% less desire to eat for a 3 hour period after the meal.

Prevent Diabetes
Avocado keeps blood sugar levels stable. Participants that ate an avocado with their lunch didn’t show increase of sugar in their blood compared with those who didn’t eat an avocado for lunch.

Fight Inflammation
Avocado can help you fight inflammation, thanks to the monounsaturated fat that is responsible for its healthful properties.

Eye Health
Lutein and zeaxanthin are nutrients responsible in fighting against macular degeneration, the disease which can lead to blindness.
Avocados are at the top of 20 fruits rich with lutein. Also they are good source of zeaxanthin.
Healthy Skin and Hair
One avocado contains 20 % of daily dose of Vitamin E. Vitamin E protects body tissue from free radicals.
And healthy fats will give you glossy hair and smooth skin.

Lower Cholesterol Levels
Avocados can lower blood triglycerides and reduce cholesterol levels, that way by lowering the bad LDL cholesterol while increasing the good cholesterol (HDL).

Improve Nutrient Absorption
Really important in taking vitamins and minerals is not how much we eat, but how much we absorb.
Certain nutrients are fat soluble, which means that they have to be taken together with fat so our body can assimilate them.
For example, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin D along with some antioxidants.
By adding half an avocado to your spinach salad, carrots or lettuce you will absorb the alpha –carotene 8.3 times, lutein 4.3 times and beta-carotene 13.6 times better that people who didn’t eat avocado.

Strong Bones
Avocados contain Vitamin K, folate and cooper, which are bone-healthy nutrients.

Pain Relief
Avocado extract can reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis.
Due to its anti-inflammatory benefits, it may relieve other inflammatory related pains too.

Improve Digestion
One avocado contains 54 % of the daily recommended fiber intake. And we know that fiber is a really important component for our digestive system.

Important for Expecting Mothers
Avocados are loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folate and potassium, all of them the fetus needs for healthy development.

Control Blood Pressure
One fruit of avocado contains 28 % of daily recommended potassium intake, and potassium is controlling the blood pressure.

An Energy Boost
Healthy fats give us a slow, steady flood of energy. Therefore, an avocado is the perfect source of energy for the body.

Enhance Your Mood
Thanks to its mineral and vitamin content – especially folate and potassium, an avocado a day can really cheer you up.
Some studies have associated depression and a lack of potassium. In one research it is found that depressed women and men had low levels of potassium.

Improve Immunity
Avocado is a great source of the Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which are immune boosters, and B Vitamins, which can help fight off infections and illnesses.

Brain Food
Avocados contain 20 % of daily copper needs. And copper, is known as a brain stimulant. This mineral is linked with creative thinking.

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