Your Eyebrows Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Below you can find your eyebrow shape and what it says about you:

Curved Eyebrows
People that have curved eyebrows are perfectionists. They have a strong visual perception and very quickly notice physical details.

Eyebrows that Curve, You Have a Creative Side
Those people that have angled eyebrows are very talented and very crafty. They are innovative and always can make something beautiful out of nothing.

Naturally Straight Eyebrows
This people, generally are very dependable and down-to-earth. So probably this is why everybody around you depends of you and expects your help in times of need.

Straight Eyebrows Indicate Sensible Approach
If you have these eyebrows look you are very calm person and you can handle different obligations or jobs at the same time.

Eyebrows with an Upward Curve
These people are likely prone to rivalry. If you belong to this group, you are ambitious and great for supervisory jobs.

Upward Curving Eyebrows Indicate a Hard Working Character
People with these eyebrows can’t accept losing, and want to be superior in everything they do. Often they can overindulge at work and may affect their relationship.

Eyebrows That Curve
This people are generally sensible and reasonable. Most of the time they are calm and collected, but sometimes they let their feelings to overcome their reason.
Also, this type of eyebrows reveals balance.

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