Your Lips Can Tell A Lot About Your Personality

Lips can be categorized into some types based on their width, fullness, and overall shape.

Full Lips
Full lips are usually seen as an attractive attribute. Though those that have full lips may be emotionally immature, their high self-confidence often helps them to get what they want.

Small Mouth
People with small mouth are typically kind, agreeable and generous. They are very curious and like to explore.

Thin Lips
Those with thinner lips have a sense of insecurity and shyness. However, they are usually grounded and sensible, therefore they are prone to success.

Wide Mouth
People with large mouth are ambitious and love to give commands. They are very talented and perfectionists and make friends easily.

Round Lips
The combination of full lips and small mouth gives round. People with this type of lips are open-minded and curious. Their interest in exploration sometimes leads to a bit of a rebellious nature.

Heart-Shaped Lips
This type of lips shows a person who is fearless and independent. These people love the nice things in life and they are not afraid to express their feelings.

Oval Lips
Those who have this type of lips are youthful and lively. Their vivacious nature has a positive effect on people in their surroundings.

Downward-Turned Lips
People with this shape of lips are usually mysterious and don’t like to share their private things. They are also very clever and critical and sometimes this can scare people away.

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